NII Technical Report (NII-2002-004E)

Title Boundary Element Simulation of Large Amplitude Standing Waves in Vessels
Authors Kenji HAMANO, Sunao MURASHIGE and Ken HAYAMI
Abstract      In this paper, a fluid in a vessel is considered and large amplitude standing waves (LASW) of the fluid are simulated directly using the boundary element method (BEM).
     In the simulation, two problems come out. The first problem is that the energy of the LASW increases gradually when using double nodes at corners in the BEM. The second problem is that projection-like profiles appear near the point where the free surface meets the vessel wall when regridding is not used at each time step. These projection-like profiles are not physical and indicate numerical error, and cause the simulation to break down.
     We found that the use of discontinuous elemnts solves the first problem, and the use of the “half shift method” solves the second problem.
     In addition, a method called RIG for highly accurate simulation using regridding is proposed and verified.
Language English
Published Sep 12, 2002
Pages 21p
PDF File 02-004E.pdf

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