NII Technical Report (NII-2003-003E)

Title Synthesizing Timed Circuits from High Level Specification Languages
Authors Tomohiro Yoneda and Chris Myers
Abstract This work proposes an efficient methodology to synthesize timed circuits from high level specification languages. In particular, this paper presents a systematic procedure for translating channel-level models to time Petri net descriptions. Care is taken in this translation to guarantee that there are no state coding violations in the resulting nets greatly simplifying the synthesis process. This paper also presents a modular decomposition method to break up the circuit to be synthesized such that an efficient partial order based synthesis approach can be applied to rapidly produce a circuit implementation. This new synthesis technique is demonstrated by its application to the line fetch module from the TITAC2 instruction cache system.
Language English
Published Feb 5, 2003
Pages 10p
PDF File 03-003E.pdf

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