NII Technical Report (NII-2004-008J)

Title Patent application and industry-university cooperation: Analysis of joint applications for patent in the University of Tokyo
Authors Morio SHIBAYAMA, Masaharu YANO, Kiminori GEMBA, Schumpeter TAMADA, Junichi TOMITA, and Tomo FUJII
Abstract      According to Yano's work, it has been revealed that the diversity of the team in manufactures is closely connected to the team's creativity. The system of industry-university cooperation is one of most effective methodology in Japanese R&D activities for the promotion of creativity. The purpose of this report is to search the actual condition of joint application for patents as a style of industry-university cooperation.
     Authors picked up the University of Tokyo as a test field of this research, because the university is a typical research university in Japan and authors easily identified whether researchers belong to the university or not.
     In this research, authors summed the number of patent application in the university from 1991 to 1999. The number of patent applications and acquired are about 3,000 and 500, respectively. This report contains time trends, table classified by the IPC, faculties, and top rankings by inventors and applicators, so on.
Language Japanese
Published Oct 26, 2004
Pages 23p
PDF File 04-008J.pdf

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