NII Technical Report (NII-2017-003E)

Title A simple RNN-plus-highway network for statistical parametric speech synthesis
Authors Xin Wang, Shinji Takaki, Junichi Yamagishi
Abstract In this report, we proposes a neural network structure that combines a recurrent neural network (RNN) and a deep highway network. Compared with the highway RNN structures proposed in other studies, the one proposed in this study is simpler since it only concatenates a highway network after a pre-trained RNN. The main idea is to use the ‘iterative unrolled estimation’ of a highway network to finely change the output from the RNN. The experiments on the proposed network structure with a baseline RNN and 7 highway blocks demonstrated that this network performed relatively better than a deep RNN network with a similar mode size. Furthermore, it took less than half the training time of the deep RNN.
Language English
Published April 27, 2017
Pages 8p
PDF File 17-003E.pdf

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