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Informatics is a new academic discipline that provides a foundation to support society. NII Today for the purpose of broadly and simply informing general readers how informatics research changes the society in which we live and what new value it brings to future society.
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No.100 / Sep. 2023

The Challenge to Generative AI

[Interview] How LLM and Robots Will Shape the Future: OGATA, Tetsuya & KUROHASHI, Sadao [Interview] The Newly Launched LLM Study Group: AIZAWA, Akiko; KANAZAWA, Teruhito; & SUGAWARA, Saku [Interview] “SYNTHETIQ VISION” to Automatically Detect Fake Media: Global Research Center for Synthetic Media [Article] “Cyber Vaccine” to Combat Infodemics: ECHIZEN, Isao [Article] Speech Synthesis Creates a Voice That Can Be Heard Over a Crowd: YAMAGISHI, Junichi [Interview] Copyright and Privacy in the Era of Generative AI: IKEGAI, Naoto [Essay] Bad Fakes and Good Fakes in Financial Markets: MIZUNO, Takayuki

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 100 of the Japanese edition.

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No.99 / Jun. 2023

1. NII’s New Director on the Future of NII
2. Mathematically Verifying the Safety of Automated Driving Systems

[Interview]How Informatics is Shaping Society: KUROHASHI, Sadao; [Article] Proposing a method of explainable “safety and security: HASUO, Ichiro; [Article]A Novel Extension of a Mathematical Method of “Formal Verification”: HASUO, Ichiro; [Interview] The potential of mathematical “Safety Verification”: TAKADA, Hiroaki; [Interview] Engineerable AI (eAI) to Drive Industrial Innovation: ISHIKAWA, Fuyuki; [Dialog] “Zero Trust” for Establishing Safety: ISHIKAWA, Yutaka; TAKEFUSA, Atsuko; [Essay] What is Control Theory?: KISHIDA, Masako

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 99 of the Japanese edition.

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No.98 / Mar. 2023

A World Driven by Informatics
10 years of challenges and advances

[Interview] The “Endless Challenges” of “Super-exciting Times”: KITSUREGAWA, Masaru [Interview] Boldly Pioneering “Informatics Beyond the Horizon”: NISHIO, Shojiro [Dialog] Diversity is Driving Progress in Informatics: AIZAWA, Akiko & ECHIZEN, Isao [Roundtable] The Road to Building an Academic Research Platform: URUSHIDANI, Shigeo; AIDA, Kento; TAKAKURA, Hiroki; YAMAJI, Kazutsuna [Column] Hello from Edinburgh: BONO, Mayumi [Essay] Aiming for a New Form of University: YASUURA, Hiroxto

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 98 of the Japanese edition.

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No.97 / Dec. 2022

Understanding "Juris-Informatics
A new discipline that merges AI with law

[Interview] An Overall View of “Juris-Informatics”: SATOH, Ken [Interview] Applying AI to Trials: “Hopes” and “Fears”: OTA, Shozo and NITTA, Katsumi [Article] Using AI for Legal Reasoning and Judgments (PROLEG): SATOH, Ken [Dialogue] How Well Can AI Perform on the Bar Exam? (COLIEE): YOSHIOKA, Masaharu and KANO, Yoshinobu [Article] The Legal System Surrounding AI: INATANI, Tatsuhiko [Article] Can AI be Used to Resolve Online Disputes?: WATANABE, Mayu [Essay] Will There be a Third Generation of Programmers in the Family?: TSUSHIMA, Kanae

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 97 of the Japanese edition.

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No.96 / Sep. 2022

Crystals of knowledge to be discovered
Full-scale launch of CiNii Research

[Interview] A hub for a data-driven society "A new platform for knowledge discovery"; [Roundtable] A new search platform revealing patterns in research; [Roundtable] Tracking researchers to identify research trends; [Roundtable] A research platform providing navigation across disciplines; [Essay] Ever-changing CiNii

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 96 of the Japanese edition.

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No.95 / Jun. 2022

Knowledge Yet to Be Discovered
SINET6 is here!

[Special Conversation] SINET6 Will Be a Catalyst for Growth in Japan, Bringing Innovation in Data Research; [Interview]
SINET6 Has Evolved; [Close-Up] 6 Features of SINET6: #1. A High-Speed Mesh Network, #2. Fusion of 5G Mobile and 400 Gbps, #3. Blocking DDoS Attacks in a Matter of Seconds, #4. Joint Purchase Brings Big Budget Savings, #5. Joint Purchase Brings Big Budget Savings, #6. Improving the International Research Environment; [Article]Behind-the-Scenes Teamwork that Supported the Migration; [Essay] The Best Research Needs the Best Tools

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 95 of the Japanese edition.

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No.94 / Mar. 2022

Don't Stop the Education!

[Interview] Classwork Digitalization for Data-Drven Education; [Interview] Digital Transformation of Edication is Changing Social Norms!; [Roundtable1] Data Analytics is Shaping the Future of Education; [Roundtable2] Future Directions from the Viewpoint of Educational Information Infrastructure; [Secretariat Staff Speak] Behind the Scenes of the "DX Symposium for Educational Institutions"; [Report] An Investment Money Analysis System to Ensure Economic Security; [Report] Technical Challenges for Next-generation Mobile Networks;[Column] The Search for the Shape of Virtual Space Continues; [Essay] A New Normal for the Next Generation, Due to COVID-19

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 94 of the Japanese edition.

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No.93 / December. 2021

Kashiwa Annex, a New Knowledge Hub

[Interview] New Center for Open Science Launches; [Interview] The Aims of mdx; [Roundtable] Building a New Foundation for Knowledge; [Joint Research] DIAS, an Earth Observation Data Platform; [Essay] Dialogue in the Dark

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 93 of the Japanese edition.

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No.92 / September. 2021

From Personal Information to Privacy -The Amended Personal Information Law and Privacy Governance-

[Interview] Protecting Privacy, [Q&A] What is Required of Academia Under the Amended Personal Information Law, [Roundtable] Enhancing Competitiveness through Stronger Governance, [Contribution] Personal Information Protection in Academic Research and Foreign Data Protection, [Essay] A Town Where Everyone Knows Everyone and a World in which People Chat Intimately with Electronic Devices

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 92 of the Japanese edition.

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No.91 / March. 2021

NII Research Data Cloud Set for Full-scale Launch

[Interview] Expectations for NII RDC, NII’s next-generation research data platform; [Roundtable] NII×Nagoya University NII RDC research data platform is finally set to launch!; [Article] Research data management platform GakuNin RDM is now fully operational; [Article] WEKO3 supports data publication by
Japanese academic institutions; [Article] CiNii Research’s new role as a knowledge search platform; [Article] First training course in Japan for research data management

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 91 of the Japanese edition.

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No.90 / December. 2020

20 Years of NII and What Lies Ahead

NII Interview - NII’s first 20 years and the future role of informatics -Supporting data-driven science and resolving social issues-; History of the National Institute of Informatics (NII); 20th Anniversary Events Held Online

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 90 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 75 / September. 2020

Confronting COVID-19 The Challenges of Informatics

NII Interview - How CT Image Analysis is Helping to Combat Infectious Diseases; Building a Website to Offer a Global Overview of COVID-19 Information; Research Through Open Collaboration in the Post-Covid Era; Exploring Social Media’s “Fake News” Problem; Big Data Analysis for Resolving the Social Problems of COVID-19.

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 89 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 74 / July. 2020

Using IT to Combat COVID-19

NII Interview - “Hybrid” is the New Normal! Benefiting from Both Face-to-face and Distance Learning; How We Organized a Cyber Symposium The “Grand Experiment” of DEIM2020; Benefits and Challenges of Bringing Online Lectures to the Whole University in the New Academic Year; How to Deal with Strained Network Environments; The History and Current State of Online Classes; Expanding Possibilities with “Textbooks of the Future.”

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 88 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 73 / Mar. 2020

Start of the JST GSC Experts
in Information Science

NII Interview - Challenges and Future Outlook of Talent Development in the Field of Information; Senior High School Students Will Experience World-Class Research; Nurturing Top Talent and Broadening Human Resources Base; Curriculum of the JST GSC Experts in Information Science.

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 87 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 72 / December. 2019

Robotics and Informatics

NII Interview - Robot Research, Past and Future / Interacting with Robots in VR to Create Intelligence of Robots / Unraveling the Mysteries of Human Intelligence from Robots and “Investigating”

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 86 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 71 / september. 2019

Tackling Fakes

NII Interview - Teaming Up With Researchers From Around the World to Combat Increasing Amounts of Fake Information / Interview - Trying Evaluating the Authenticity of Internet Discourse / Three-Way Talk - Reflection on Research Misconduct Leads to Development of Original Science- Misconduct Prevention System.

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 85 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 70 / june. 2019

The Forefront of Computer Vision Research

NII Interview - Looking Into Other Worlds by Designing Light. Selecting light to suit a purpose- applications in food testing and medicine. / Why Are People Able to See and Recognize Things? Designing Mathematical Models to Find Out / Uncovering Objects Invisible to Humans Using Computer Vision / Aiming For Practical Application of High-Precision 3D Reconstruction Techniques.

*This English translated version NII Today corresponds to No. 84 of the Japanese edition.

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No. 69 / Mar. 2019

Society 5.0 Supported by SINET

NII Interview - SINET—Connecting Japan’s Knowledge. Achieving innovation that establishes a data-centric society / The Past and Future of SINET / Start of SINET Wide-Area. Data Collection Infrastructure. / Supporting Advanced Large-Scale. Research with Ultrahigh-Speed Lines Circling the Globe. / World-Class 400G Line for Tokyo–Osaka Connection / SINETARIUM̶A Visible SINET

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No. 68 / Dec. 2018

Roads to Open Access

NII Interview - Can Open Access Solve the E-Journal Problem? / Tomorrow’s Scholarly Information Systems / Key Initiatives for Promoting Open Access / Putting Journals Back into the Hands of Academia

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No. 67 / Sep. 2018

New Software Engineering for Machine Learning

NII Interview - Tackling Uncertainty in Machine Learning / One Research Paper Will Change the World Tackling Problems Through Domestic and International Collaboration / Identifying the Nature of Machine Learning to Protect Against Attacks and Faults / Dialog - Quality of Machine Learning from a Legal Perspective

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No. 66 / June. 2018

New Support for Medical Care Using IT (Part II)

NII Interview - InterviewWhat We Gain from the Digitalization of Medical Care / Aim Behind the Succession of Medical Research Centers Being Built / Taking on Health, Medical and Social Challenges with Machine Learning

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No. 65 / March. 2018

New Support for Medical Care Using IT

NII Interview - Objectives of the Research Center for Medical Bigdata/Applying AI Image Recognition
in Diagnostic Endoscopy/The Power of Image Analysis in the Development of Medical Care/About the Medical Imaging Big-Data Cloud Platform

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No. 64 / December. 2017

Decoding the world with network analysis

NII Interview - The algorithm that powers the networked society/Taking cutting-edge numerical algorithms from basic science to business/Discovering hidden regularity of web data using machine learning/Using information science to shed light on biological dynamics and networks

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No. 63 / September. 2017

Extending Formal Methods to Manufacturing

NII Interview - Supporting Design of Manufactured Products using Abstract Mathematics/Control Theory Holds the Key to Integrating Information Systems and Physical Systems/Using Formal Methods at Increasingly Complex Manufacturing Sites/About the JST ERATO HASUO Metamathematics for Systems Design Project

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No. 62 / June. 2017

The Olympiad in Informatics

NII Interview - Hopes for Japan’s International Olympiad in Informatics / The Chance to Grasp the Substance and Significance of Work / Speaking from Experience Programming Contest Strategies / Interviews with International Olympiad in Informatics Participants / Japanese Olympiad in Informatics Final Problem

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No. 61 / March. 2017

Developing Cyber Security Human Resources

NII Interview - Wanted: Cyber-Security Talent / Protecting Academic Freedom with Security / Goals of NIIʼs Practical Training Program in Cybersecurity / Information Security Measures Needed in Universities Today

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No. 60 / December. 2016

Regional Revitalization – The Role of Informatics

NII Interview - With the Deputy Director-General, Headquarters for Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan, Cabinet Secretariat / About Industry–Government–Academia Collaboration with the Mayor of Sabae City / IT and Big Data in Tourism Promotion / Finding a marriage partner using big data analysis / SINET connects regions to Tokyo and communities to communities / Supporting Disaster-Resilient Regional Academic Networks

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No. 59 / September. 2016

CPS – The Future Innovations by Real World x IT

NII Interview - Aiming for Japan to build a CPS Platform / Smart Snow Clearing Using CPS / Sensing Crowds Inside Buildings / Reducing Power Consumption through Human Activity Sensing / Commentary - What is CPS? / News, Flash, Topics, SNS / “NII People” / Essay

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No. 58 / May. 2016

Start of SINET5 - Opening Up New Possibilities with 100Gbps Nationwide

Role of Next-Generation Network SINET5 / Two Pillars of the New Service Provided by SINET5 / Commentary: SINET5 / SINET Users Talk About the Significance of Migrating to SINET5 / News, Flash, Topics, SNS / “NII People” / Essay

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No. 57 / Mar. 2016

Open Science – The Potential of Open Data

Toward an Era of Open Science / The Forefront of Open Data / From Institutional Repositories to Open Science / Making Use of Rea-World Data in Informatics Research / News, Flash, Topics, SNS, Essay

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No. 56 / Dec. 2015

Crowdsourcing/Crowdsensing – Leveraging the Power of the Crowd in Science

Crowdsourcing Will Change Society / Exploring Structure Hidden in Real-World Data / Using a Game in Quantum Computer Research / Crowdsensing Useful in Solving Social Problems / News, Flash, Topics, SNS, Essay

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No. 55 / Oct. 2015

Virtual Currency Technologies and Challenges

How Should We View the Rise of Virtual Currency? / The Block Chain Technology that has cause Technological Leap in Virtual Currency / What is the Byzantine Generals Problem? / Finance, Information and Virtual Currency / News, Flash, Topics, SNS

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No. 54 / Jun. 2015

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Edition Vol. 1
Contribution of Informatics to the Games

Innovation from Diversity:The Paralympics are Key / Using Mobile Sensing to Understand Issues Related to Foreign Tourists / System Concept for Rehabilitation of Phantom Limb Pain / Using Informatics to Solve Problems of Urbanization and Implement True Accessibility / New ICT Helping to Improve Competitive Ability

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No. 53 / Apr. 2015

New Trends Arising from Information Technology

Television is a Sensor that Perceives Trends in Society / Generating a 3D Shape Model in Real Time / Immersive Communication Evolving Through “Graph Signal Processing” / The Horizon of Semantic Analysis Seen Through the Harmony of Video and Language / The Historicity of Photographs

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No. 52 / Jan. 2015

Combining Research on Algorithms and Mathematics

Tackling the Challenges of a Big Data Society Using Algorithms and Mathematics / Mathematics, Algorithms, and Passion Open New Doors / Crossing Boundaries to Develop Better Algorithms / Extracting New Algorithms from the Brain / Richardson’s Dream

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No. 51 / Oct. 2014

Synthesis and Recognition of Speech
Creating and Listening to Speech

A Combination of Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition Creates an Affluent Society / “Statistical Speech Synthesis” Technology with a Rapidly Growing Application Area / Finding Practical Application for Speech Recognition / Voice is Conveyed or Voice Conveys ?

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No. 50 / Jun. 2014

Personal Data
Can Privacy and the Use and Application of Data Be Compatible?

Compatibility of the Use and Application of Personal Data and the Protection of Privacy: Essential Cooperation Between Technology and the Legal System / Toward Revision of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information / For Flexible Use and Protection of Personal Information / Get Control of Personal Data Back in Our Hands / Latest Trends and Challenges in Anonymization Technology / Lessons from the Past

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No. 49 / Apr. 2014

Connecting the Real World and the Cyber World

I Want to Connect the Cyber World with the Real World,and Create New Value that Enriches People’s Lives / Big Data Technology That Changes Society / Attracting Visitors to Tourist Sites by Leveraging Mobile Phone and Smartphone Data / Creating Rules to Make Full Use of Personal Data / At the Forefront of Compression/Decompression Technologies / The Operating Systemof Urban Society

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No. 48 / Jan. 2014

Can a Robot Join an Idobata Kaigi?

I Want to Get to the Heart of Communication with the Ido-Robo Project / Exploring Interaction between Humans and Robots with Conversation Analysis / The Future of Idobata Kaigi (“Congregation at the Well”): Realizing Natural Conversations with Distance Access / The Ido-Robo Project and the Todai Robot Project: Different Approaches to Natural Language Processing / Creating Robots with the Ability to Understand the Role Played by Body and Hand Movements in Conversations / How Robot-Human Theater Began

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No. 47 / Oct. 2013

Next-Generation Wireless Network

Towards Faster, More Reliable Wireless Networking Available Anywhere / Leveraging Existing PCs and Smartphones To Set up Wireless Networks for Swift Recoveryfrom Disasters / Sharing Wireless Sensor Networks A New Approach / Immersive inter-personal visual communication / Next-Generation Wireless Networks Accelerating Research Thanks to International Exchange / New Collaboration between Ubiquitous Computing and Big Data

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No. 46 / Jul. 2013

Todai Robot Project

Can a Robot Get Into the University of Tokyo? The Challenges Faced by the Todai Robot Project / What Impact Will the Todai Robot Project Grand Challenge Have on Society? / Solving Mathematics and Physics Entrance Exam Problems with AI Technologies - Current Research and Future Prospects / Social Studies Questions Require Understanding, Not Mere Rote Memorization / The Younger Generation Discusses Their Hopes for the Todai Robot Project / The Experience of "Understanding"

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No. 45 / Apr. 2013

The New World Being Created by Ultra-High Speed Database Engines

Ultrafast Database Engine will Change Society / The New Principle of "Out-of-Order Execution" Makes it Possible to Increase Data Processing Speeds 1000-Fold / Implementing a new paradigm-changing principle, developed in Japan and promoting the use of big data, into high-speed-data-access infrastructures / Cyber Physical Systems, Creating New Value from Sensor Network Information / Large Scale Health Care Study in Bangladesh, and the Potential for Big Data Use / Expectations Rise for NII Shonan Meeting as a Center of Asian Informatics Research / "The Ordinary and Extraordinary World of Powers"

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No. 44 / Jan. 2013

GakuNin Academic Access Management Federation

Improving services for researchers and promoting collaboration among universities with GakuNin / Improving Content Service User Experience with Single-Sign-On / The dawn of a new era in resource utilization with SINET cloud connection services and GakuNin

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No. 43 / Oct. 2012

Multimedia Sensing

Pioneering Future Communication with Multimedia Sensing Technologies / Sensing Sound: The New Sound Signal Processing Technology Growing Popular / Analyzing Television Broadcasts as Sensors / New Value Created by a Shift from "Who Is Looking" to "What Is Being Looked At" / Immersive Visual Communication Will Allow Users to View 3D Video from Any Angle / Color Is in the Eye of the Beholder: e Varying Perceptions of the Colors of the Rainbow

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No. 42 / Jul. 2012

The Academic Cloud

Academic Cloud Changing the Front Lines of Education and Research / Academic Cloud Gains Momentum with SINET / HPCI and GakuNin join forces to forge a path to the future, with Academic Cloud / Expectations Gathering Around the Linkerof University Clouds; the "Inter-cloud" / Cultivation of Technical Experts Who Forge the Future / Can Social Networking Websites Once Again be Effective during an Ongoing Emergency?

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No. 41 / Apr. 2012

Web Data-Driven Information Flow

Towards Creating Data-Centric Human and Social Sciences / Psychological Reluctance to Personal Information Disclosure and Anti-Leak Technology / Working Out Tourism Policies from Web Data / Product of Integration between Informatics and Statistics / Problems with ICT and Legal System / Individuals Need to Decide on Their Own in Various Situations

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No. 40 / Jan. 2012

Green Innovation through ICT

An Ongoing Shift to Energy-SavingICT Equipment / Building a Low-Carbon Society with ICT / Demonstration Trial of Smart Gridwith Electric Vehicles / Demonstration Trial Commences with a View toDeveloping Eco-Friendly Supercomputers / Towards Information Open Innovation / The Erdős Numberand the Bacon Number: Who is at theHeart of the Network?

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No. 39 / Oct. 2011

Information and Human Society

What is the new relationship between society and media? / How is social reality formed betweenfalse rumors and truth? / Reduce difficulty in understanding databy ingenious presentations of data / CMS originating from NII supports informationsharing in emergency situations / In Search ofResilient ICT Systems

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No. 38 / Jul. 2011

The Next Stage of Information Lifelines

SINET4, Robust Enough to Withstand Eventhe Great East Japan Earthquake / Faster and More Robust. The New, Evolved SINET4 / SINET4 has been offering services,despite the Great East Japan Earthquake / Education, research and regional contributionsdeveloping from migration to SINET4 / The true valueof researchers isnow being heldaccountable afterthe Great East JapanEarthquake in 2011

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No. 37 / Apr. 2011

Towards a Safe, Secure Society

Preventing Surreptitious Filming in the Divide Between Digital and Physical / Reliability and Safety of Software for Social Infrastructure The Role of DSF in Disseminating Formal Methods / Internet Security in the Information Explosion Age / Explaining Information Problems Students often Experience through Interactive Content / The Wave of Informatics Spreads, from Shonan to the World at Large / Raising Reliability to “Newspaper-Like Levels”...

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No. 36 / Jan. 2011


Competitive, Cooperative Massive Computation Network Construction / The Fourth Science Methodology, Led by Grid Computing / The New World of Research and Development Being Created by Linking Computational Resources / Formulating International Standard Specifications

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No. 35 / Oct. 2010

Artificial Intelligence

Working to Unravel the Secrets of Biological Activity Through Inference / "Meaning" Links Information, Changing the Web / New Data Mining Made Possible by AI / Artificial Intelligence Reasons about the Courses of Trials / Sharing experiences sharing privacy as well?

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No. 34 / Jul. 2010

Using language as knowledge

Computers Read Text / Creating an Age Where Anyone Can Find the Information They Truly Need / Information Stops the Spread of Disease / The Allure of Multi-Faceted "Language" / Gossip and Human Bands

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No. 33 / Apr. 2010

New Trend of Software Engineering

Encouraging Interactions Between Asian Researchers—Towards holding NII-based international seminars / Development of innovative bidirectional software / Constraint programming in an attempt to stretch the limits of computers / Study group for enhancing software dependability established / The Dizzy Borrow-the-Name Game

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No. 32 / Jun. 2010

Mathematics and Logic as the Cornerstone

Mathematics, Logic and Informatics / Algorithms to Fill in the Gap of the Genome! / Why Aspire to Mathematics at the NII? / Structures of Information Processing Hidden in Games

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No. 31 / Jun. 2010

Seeking to measure research activities

Evaluating research activities / To gain an extensive understanding of scientific efforts / Information Linkage Project : Pursuing Quality and Quantity / Researchmap? A new-generation research infrastructure that transcends the boundaries of various disciplines / Imagination: the heart of verbal communication

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No. 30 / Jul. 2009


Human-Agent Interaction: Leading the Way to the Future The Approach to Agent Design / Robots that Interact with and Imitate Human Beings / Using 3D Internet to Create an Infrastructure for Participatory Scientific Research / Ultrasonic Positioning Method Developed Through Collaboration / “Even a Pill bug Can Think?!”/ This is Not the Age of the Three Kingdoms

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No. 29 / May. 2009

Create the Infrastructure for Knowledge

Development with an Awareness of the Needs of Society / CiNii (NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator) Upgrade / A Community Dedicated to the Sustainability and Growth of Institutional Repositories / Associative Searches and Well-developed Content Increase the Value of Information / Matryoshka in the hightech wonderland

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No. 28 / Jan. 2009

Computer Vision

Developing a‘anywhere projection display that incorporates characteristics of the human visual system / Challenge to guaranteeing accuracy of reconstructed three-dimensional images / Reproducing an‘appearance’with a new viewpoint / Japan-France informatics collaboration research begins / Do You Open Your Mobile While You're Walking?

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No. 27 / Oct. 2008

Compute by“Cooling”Quantum System"

Betting on the Quantum Computer, a Unique Approach to Quantum Computing / The Mysterious World of Quantum Mechanics Heralds the Future of Information Processing / The NII Quantum Information Science Theory Group: The Global Standard in Theory / Is the Science of Statistics a Sin?

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No. 26 / Jul. 2008

ICT Governance

Coping with the Multifaceted Character of Universities: Establishing Information Security Policies / For Safety and Security in the Network Society / The Role of Copyrights in an Era When Anybody Can Be a Creator/ The UPKI Project : Protecting the Information which Universities provide to the internet /“Meaning”? What Does it Mean?

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No. 25 / Apr. 2008

SINET3, the Academic Lifeline

Flexibility on the Leading Edge / One of the World's Preeminent Ultra-High-Speed Science Information Networks / Elementary Particle Experimentation Accelerated by SINET3 / A Cutting Edge Collaboration / A Beauty Contest Took Place

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No. 24 / Jan. 2008

Get Excited by“NetCommons”

The Key to Creating an IT Infrastructure for Schools: An Open Platform System that Anyone Can Use / Get Excited by NetCommons ? Using Information Enjoyably and Efficiently / CommonsNet: Promoting NetCommons / Speech Corpora Promote Research and Development / If the mathematician Gauss were alive today

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No. 23 / Oct. 2007

Creating Fusion from Transdisciplinary

The Genome as the Keystone of Integration: Merging Life Science and Informatics / CREATING FUSION FROM TRANSDISCIPLINARY / The New Value in Information Linkage / Building a Proud Heritage: NII Graduate Education / What is name identification?

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No. 22 / Jul. 2007

Beyond the“Information Explosion”

From Search to Association: Information Technology that Brings Inspiration / New Information Retrieval Technologies Using Videos / Making Cultural Heritage Objects Useful through Subjective Annotations / Academic Portals for the“Information Explosion”Age / Training Professional Software Developers / The Day that the Natto Vanished

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