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Talk by Prof. Moustafa Youssef from Alexandra University, Egypt:
"A Robust and Ubiquitous Multi-Sensor Fusion-based Floor Localization System"

We are pleased to announce the following talk by Prof. Moustafa Youssef from Alexandra University, Egypt
You are very welcome to join us.


A Robust and Ubiquitous Multi-Sensor Fusion-based Floor Localization System


Prof. Moustafa Youssef
from Alexandra University, Egypt


13:30- / March 18th (Mon.)


Room 1509, 15th floor, NII


Floor localization is an integral part of indoor localization systems that are deployed in any typical high-rise building. Nevertheless, while many efforts have been made to detect floor change events leveraging phone-embedded sensors, there are still a number of pitfalls that need to be overcome to provide robust and accurate localization in the 3D space. In this presentation, we present a robust and ubiquitous probabilistic crowdsourcing-based floor determination system. Our proposed system is a hybrid system that combines the barometer sensor and the ubiquitous WiFi access points installed in the building into a probabilistic framework to identify the user's floor. In particular, the system incorporates a discrete Markov localization algorithm where the motion model is based on the vertical transitions detected from the sampled pressure readings and the observation model leverages a Multilayer Perceptron neural network to fuse the outputs of various learners that detect the most probable floor of the user based on statistical properties of the observed WiFi scan. The system also has provisions to handle practical deployment issues including handling the inherent drift in the barometer readings, the noisy wireless environment, heterogeneous devices, among others.


Moustafa Youssef is a professor at Alexandria University and founder & director of the Wireless Research Center of Excellence, Egypt. His research interests include mobile wireless networks, mobile computing, location determination technologies, pervasive computing, and network security. He has tens of issued and pending patents. He is the Lead Guest Editor of the upcoming IEEE Computer Special Issue on Transformative Technologies, an Associate Editor for IEEE TMC and ACM TSAS, served as an Area Editor of ACM MC2R as well as on the organizing and technical committees of numerous prestigious conferences. He is the recipient of the 2003 University of Maryland Invention of the Year award, the 2010 TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists, the 2013 and 2014 COMESA Innovation Award, the 2013 ACM SIGSpatial GIS Conference Best Paper Award, the 2017 Egyptian State Award, multiple Google Research Awards, among many others. He is an ACM Distinguished Speaker, an ACM Distinguished Scientist, and an IEEE Fellow.


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