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Talk by Prof. Alexandre Guitton Monday on Multi-gateway demodulation in LoRa


Multi-gateway demodulation in LoRa


LoRa (Long Range) is a physical layer protocol used for low-power wide area networks. With LoRa, end-devices can communicate with distant gateways. The gateways can demodulate simultaneous incoming frames thanks to hardware components called demodulators. In this talk, we propose two demodulator-aware algorithms to improve the number of demodulated frames in a multi-gateway environment.
The talk will include a detailed introduction on LoRa as well as a presentation of the LR-FHSS modulation for direct-to-satellite IoT communications.
The core of this work is a collaboration with Megumi Kaneko (NII), and will be presented at the Globecom 2022 conference.

Speaker Bio:

Prof. Alexandre Guitton
Université Clermont Auvergne

Alexandre Guitton is a professor at Université Clermont Auvergne (France). He is also appointed as an invited researcher at INRIA Lyon (France) for 2 years (2021-2023). His research focuses on protocols for low-power wireless networks, and more specifically on the LoRa (Long Range) protocol for low-power wide area networks. His work on LoRa has targeted the recovery of LoRa collisions, the study of various non-orthogonal features of the LoRa modulation, and the improvement of the usage of demodulators at gateways.


14:00-15:00 / Monday, November 21st, 2022


Hybrid (Onsite/Online)
If you would like to join, please contact by email.
Email : megkaneko [at] nii.ac.jp


KANEKO Megumi - Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division - Faculty