About NII

Research Activities


At the National Institute of Informatics, the research topics are extremely diverse. They range from mathematical models for computer science, to computer and network architecture, to content analysis (NLP, image analysis, voice recognition and synthesis) and informatics for society (e.g. topics of privacy, open science, bibliometry). Here is a small set of additional research topics being worked on at NII:

  • New Support for Medical Care Using IT is an ambitious project conducted in conjunction with medical research professors by a group of NII computer scientists. Led by Prof. Shin'ichi Satoh and Prof. Kento Aida, the NII group is building a database of medical images as well as machine learning models for their analysis.
  • The Extending Formal Methods to Manufacturing project lead by Prof. Hasuo is an ERATO funded project that aims at using category theory to ensure quality insurance in car manufacturing. This project is distinctive in that it uses abstract mathematical models for concrete and practical applications in car manufacturing.
  • The Large Graphs project led by Prof. Kawarabayashi aims to develop fast algorithms for very large and fast-changing graphs, which can be applied to solve problems involving internet networks, transportation networks or supply chains.
  • The Computational Imaging and Vision Laboratory, run by Prof. Imari Satoh aims to develop new methods for visualization applications, such as code illumination and imaging for Fluorescence Based Classification.
  • Inamura Laboratory is developing a virtual environment for testing human-robot interaction.