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Name (Period at NII)Previous AffiliationTitle of the project
Dr. Benjamin Klöpper
(2009.11 - 2011.10)
University of Paderborn Advanced Decision Making for Flexible and Adaptive Software Systems
Dr. Lena Wiese
Dortmund University Tractable and Cooperative Query Answering in First-Order Knowledge Bases
Dr. Franz Weitl
(2009.9 - 2011.8 : DAAD)
(2011.9 - 2012.9 : research staff)
Passau University SMTreloaded - SMT-based Model Checking with Relational Logic Added
Dr. Sven Wohlgemuth
(2009.9 - 2011.8)
Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg Privacy-compliant Delegation of Personal Data
Dr. Tobias Jacobs
(2009.9 - 2011.8)
Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg Robust Optimization Algorithms
Dr. Stephan Sigg
(2010.12 - 2012.11)
TU Braunschweig Implicit situation awareness of a wireless sensor network utilising channel quality estimations
Dr. Sebastian Fischer
(2010.10 - 2011.9)
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel Combining high-level parallel and nondeterministic programming.
Dr. René Schumann
(201011 - 2011.5)
Goethe Univeristät Frankfurt am Main Analyzing Problem Partitioning of Complex Optimization Problems
Dr. Kord Eickmeyer
(2011.10 - 2013.3)
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Efficient Graph Algorithms
Dr. Christoph Lofi
(2012.10 - 2014.3)
TU Braunschweig ANAQONDA - Analogy Queries by Ontology-based Data Analytics
Dr. Matthias Herlich
(2014.4 - 2015.3)
Univeristät Paderborn Disaster Recovery Multi-hop Access Networks
Dr. Bela Gipp
(2014.4 - 2015.3)
Otto-von-Guericke University Semantic Document Analysis for Plagiarism Detection
Dr. Olga Streibel
(2014.3 - 2015.8)
Freie Universität Berlin Trend Mining for Situation Recognition
Dr. Sebastian Mueller
(2014.3 - 2015.12)
Charles University An Arithmetic Approach to Parity Games
Dr. Johannes Putzke-Hattori
(2015.6 - 2017.5)
University of Cologne (Köln) Identifying Influentials in Evolving Networks
Dr. Joeran Beel
(2016.4 - 2017.3)
University of Konstanz Exploring (Non-) Reproducibility in Recommender-Systems Research
Prof. Dr. Marco Schmidt
(2016.7 - 2016.9)
University of Applied Sciences Bochum Simulation of intelligent, distributed robot systems
Dr. Moritz Schubotz
(2017.7 - 2018.1)
University of Konstanz Machine Translation for Mathematical Formulae
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