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Educational Services for Developing a Top-Level IT Workforce

GRACE Center provides a scientific educational program on intelligent manufacturing for professionals, so that they can master cutting-edge software engineering through learning basic theory and practical training.
The program aims to cultivate world-class human resources in the IT field who have the foresight capable of creating IT innovations that meet the changes in the future.
We launched the Data Science Series, starting from the 2021 academic year. This is designed to provide a wide range of courses that, along with dealing with machine learning as a technology, also focus on its underlying statistics, its business applications, and domain-specific content.


Collaboration with Overseas Universities: UCL Training

In the eighth session (from October 29 to November 2, 2018), one engineer from each of the nine sponsoring companies joined a group of five to six students at University College London (UCL) to undergo project-based learning training in which they, as a team, designed and developed requirements for AR collected from doctors, including surgeons.


UCL students and supporting company engineers and faculty