General admissions

General admission is the most basic type of entrance to the Informatics Program, SOKENDAI. It is open to every applicant, regardless of nationality or place of residence. There are two enrollment periods per year: April and October.

The admissions process starts with submission of an application package, including your CV, transcripts, a summary of your past research, and an outline of your proposed research at NII. Then the Informatics Program conducts an entrance examination as following schedule.
The examinations for those entering in April: In summer (late-August or early-September) or in winter (late January or early-February)
The examinations for those entering in October: In winter (late January or early-February) or in summer (late-August or early-September)

Method of Selection

Our entrance examination is composed of an on-site interview.

*Make sure to contact a faculty member of the program whom you'd like to study under before preparing the application documents. (→Preliminary consultation)

Application guideline

The guideline is available at following website

*Applicants are required to obtain a booklet of Application Guidelines to start the application procedure. Please contact the address below to ask for a booklet or any further information.

*The Application Guidelines in English are provided for the purpose of non-Japanese Applicants' convenience only. In the event of any inconsistency between the Japanese Application Guidelines and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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Informatics Program, Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI

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